Welcome to Dive La Trobe, La Trobe University’s Dive Club.  

Dive La Trobe is an active, social club with regular dives, courses and activities planned all year round.  

Club Info 

Dive La Trobe was originally founded in 1968 as La Trobe University’s dive club. It has since undergone a few transformations building the club we have today. We have a solid base of enthusiastic members and are always keen to welcome more. If you only like to dive once or twice in summer, or if you have been bitten by the underwater bug and dive weekly, you are more than welcome at Dive La Trobe.  

Membership is open to Current Students, Alumni, Staff and Friends of Latrobe. 

Our aim, in its simplest form, is to get people in and under the water.

We wish to provide people the opportunity to partake in safe and fun diving and diving related activities.

This encompasses divers of all abilities, from entry level to those with many years’ experience.

It should be stated clearly that Dive La Trobe is not a business – we are a club and as such wish to maintain club values. We cater for people from the La Trobe Community so that we may foster an identity of our own and establish a strong club environment which will continue for many years. 

Here you will find information on upcoming courses, trips and club news. Browse the menu above to find the information you require. 

Dive La Trobe welcomes you to an amazing evening experiencing the thrills of diving. Whether you are new to the world of scuba diving or an already qualified diver, we would love to have you along! 🌊🐠😎🐙🐡 Head to 'Events' to sign up to the Try Dive event!! · Read more
There are no upcoming events.